403 forbidden error - company search API


We are getting 403 forbidden error on company search API, we are facing this error from last three days
As per our analysis our IP address has been blocked by companies house, how we can resolved this issue


our domain name is https://crm.nomismasolution.co.uk
and our IP address is

please help to resolve this issue.

Ajey Singh

I can confirm that the IP address - is not banned from our organisation. Could I please ask as what rate are you querying data from Companies House. If you were in breach of the API limit you would be returned a status code of 429 not 403.


hi @SteveBowen,

We are getting a 403 forbidden error on the company search API. We are facing this error on the website.
When we check the API within the Postman app at that time, it is working fine, and when we use the same PHP Curl code on the website at that time, it gives us the below error in response.

[response] => Array
[code] => 403
[message] => Forbidden

Could you let us know how to fix this?

Let us know if you need more information.