404 Error on querying company officers


I keep getting 404 errors when I query for officer list of companies (even though the data exist when I search manually). I made sure I’m well within the rate limit. This also doesn’t occur consistently in that the error doesn’t pop up for particular companies - If the failed query is run on the same company again, I do get data back eventually after a few tries.
The error code is peculiar since the data exists; I’d expect a 5xx error at worst. Is this normal and is there a way to fix it?


is this for new incorporations or existing companies. it is possible if it’s new companies it could be a timing issue as the company becomes available before the officers are linked. Does it happen every day or at particular times /dates. So I can investigate a possible cause? Normally the gap between companies and officers are seconds but could be longer depending on load.

Hey folks,

We are seeing the same behaviour for a couple of companies, a few examples on the 4th of April (where we noticed elevated 500s and 404s from the API)

For some additional context we were seeing 404s returned when listing Officers and Persons with significant control for companies where we had previously read this data. Looking back through the filing stream for these companies we can see no changes around this date to suggest folks had been removed from these positions.

Example companies where we saw this issue

Hi Both,

@DarranCornelius this is for existing companies and doesn’t happen at a particular time. As @antjkennedy said, we checked the fillings for changes to these companies but we couldn’t see any. And as I mentioned in my initial post, this isn’t bound to a specific company and retrying the same query a few times does return the data most of the time.