502 Bad Gateway on /search/companies

We’re seeing regular 502 Bad Gateway errors on the /search/companies endpoint (we were seeing it yesterday too). Do you have any idea what is wrong and if it can be fixed?

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We also noticed the same 502 bad gateway error but I just tried again and it seems to be resolved.

Looks like a momentary hiccup

OK, but there have been a few periodic “hiccups” over the last couple of weeks at least, each of which will negatively impact our business in a reasonably significant way while it is in effect. It would be good to know if the underlying issue has been found and when it might be fixed.

we just had a problem with our new search servers, but it it resolved now.

Great, thanks for the update Mark. We’ll let you know if this starts happening again.

We’re getting this consistently again this morning (for the past 90 minutes at least). Can you take a look?

We are seeing the same issue

Apologies for the search service errors.
We had performance issues 10:30-10:51 and 11:20-12:01 caused by a small group of IP addresses hammering search.
Steps have been taken to resolve that and search is now back to normal.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi MArkWilliams, we think the problem returned yesterday morning after running tests on a number of reported errors we’ve had. Are you able to confirm if there were performance issues then as well?

The peak load on 4/1/2017 was between 09:56 - 10:04.
We have been in contact with one particular customer who caused this peak, and do not envisage another occurrence.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks MArkWilliams, unfortunately though the problem seems to have returned.

Sorry, we have a serious issue this morning since about 10:26.
We are currently still working to resolve this issue.

All resolved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are also seeing the same issues this morning.

If there is any more information from our side that could be useful in investigating the issues please let us know.

We’ve been seeing this again this morning from 10:50 (and still going now). Is there a longer term fix you can apply to stop this happening so frequently?

Hi MArkWilliams, this is happening again this morning. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Are you able to advise if a longer term solution is close?

Yes there was an issue from 10:21 to 11:29.
This is the first this week.
All resolved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are currently testing a number of changes/fixes to prevent these issues happening in the future.

Happened again on 2018-01-29T12:02:47.175Z

Just saw this issue happening right now

Yes, we did have issues between 11:40 - 12:01.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Here we go again. MArkWilliams, this is becoming a frequent occurrence. Please can you advise if a longer term fix is close?