504 Error connecting to stream API

I’m consistently receiving a 504 Gateway Time-out when trying to access https://stream.companieshouse.gov.uk/companies through the python requests module. This was working yesterday. Is this an issue at my end or at the API end? I have created a new key for the streaming API but it doesn’t seem to have solved the problem.

We have no issues with the streaming API that we are aware of.
I have just connected to the filings and companies streams and they are both producing data.

OK, thanks for checking. Any suggestions what might be causing a 504 error?

i have started getting these errors too. only seems to happen when a timepoint is specified however.

Is there a timeout limit we should be aiming for if the system is searching for a timepoint to resume from?

i assume the backend is using kafka and is searching for a specific message ID which can be slow if there are many partitions.

All my streams are receiving 504 errors. Anyone else has this?

Sorry about that, we did have an issue, but it should be OK now.