Able to download only 20 items

Hello Team

I am using “advanced search” to download the list of companies which contains a specific string. But in the result, I can see only 20 records at a time, but the number of hits is more than 800. How can I see all the results.
I thought of using “search all”, but I am not sure, if that would fetch me the same result.

From the advance search documentation:

Are you specifying the size and start_index parameters? In your example if you specified a size of 1000 in your example you should get all results.

Currently Companies House limits the number of results returned at once for the other search endpoints to lower values. In the other search endpoints (e.g. Search All) this is called items_per_page. If the total results were more than that number then you’d need to page through the result list. If you’d set size to 100 and you had 800 results, then you’d make a request with request (size=100) start_index=0, then (size=100) start_index=100. That is - start_index starts from zero and should be set to a multiple of size.

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Thanks so much, this is very much helpful indeed.
I can find those parameters in there. :slight_smile: