Access to historical bulk data


We found the bulk data to be very helpful for certain intelligence and analytics objectives, however we were wondering if we can get access to the historical snapshots.

We see that currently only the most recent package is available for download, but for the purpose of transparency, we believe it would be important to have access to historical data where dissolved companies can be inferred from the incremental changes (deltas) to subsequent packages.

We understand that the bulk dataset won’t include dissolved companies, which is fine. But I believe we should at least get access to this older bulk data, so we can do the analytics/inferences ourselves.

you could try UK Government Web Archive

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Thanks, yes, that could help with some use cases, but sadly it’s inconsistent month to month. I take it the old bulk archives are simply deleted from when new ones are published, correct?

Yes they are overwritten every month with the new one.

Thanks, Mark. BTW, I just wanted to say thank you for looking after this forum and for picking up on these questions. I appreciate it’s quite a challenging task and wanted to let you know we’re not taking it for granted!