Advanced Search API and company_name

We noticed that the advanced search API has been published (Yay!).

However, we couldn’t find a doc reference on how to use the search parameters, especially company_name

For example, we tried the following

which returns 10000 results, all of them irrelevant.

This is the equivalent of: Search results - Advanced company search - Find and update company information - GOV.UK

which in turn returns the correct 3 results.


You can do this using the query:

This is not documented so may well change but is what is called if you look at the network activity from the search page.


Any news on the API address search?

It’d be really good if the documentation could be updated to reflect that compnay_name_includes is the correct route, not company_name as I spent quite a lot of time trying to bug fix my code as I got the same results every time with company_name.