Advanced Search API

We found the Advanced Search feature to be an important step for CH to provide more transparency and access to analytical data about certain companies.

We were wondering what is the ETA to provide this feature via an API, like the traditional search solutions.

This work is planned for 2022, though we do not have a date yet.

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This would be very useful.

Hello All, any update on this? Advanced search using address would be very useful.

@MArkWilliams we would like implement advanced search in our system, so the new endpoints are work in your stable version?

We saw some releases in your git repository, but we need your confirmation to include that.
I’m asking because I have no updates from the official Companies House documentation.
If there are the stable version for endpoints, we will add that in our system.

I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback
its stable and documentation is available here for public use subject to the same rate limiting etc as everything else on the public data API

Thanks so much @DarranCornelius for the quick response.
I was asking about the stability of the API specification because I saw some differences in the parameters accepted by the advanced search and I was wondering if there was still some in progress development going on.

For example if you look at the documentation you have shared, from what I have tested “company_name” parameter seems not implemented and instead looking at your gitHub repository ( link: the company name filters available are “company_name_includes” and “company_name_excludes”.

Thanks anyway for confirming that we can begin to use the new endpoint because it really adds some cool feature to the search.