Advanced Search - Multiple Filters

Can somene please help me fetch right data using advanced search API. When I apply multiple filters, none of the filter seems to be working.

Following is my request:

I do receive 5000 responses and the company status filter works but registered office address does not works.

As of now, I am scraping data from the Companies House website using automation scripts but it does not seems to be the right approach as I am blocked every 15-20 minutes from accessing the site which also makes sense and I do not want to go ahead with that approach.

Thanks in advance.

If you want to process all companies (or a large number of them) then this is almost certainly a task which would be better done using the Companies House bulk data set. Access to Companies House (either by the website or by the API) is rate-limited and they’re very keen that people don’t use the API for data-scraping where possible - they do also block people if you’re not using the system according to their terms. I believe the bulk data has company status and also the address. Get it here:

For using the advanced search the documentation suggests that the correct field is location not registered_office_address: