An error with status code (403) has occurred while executing the cURL request

I’ve started getting these errors.

It was working fine. –

I also tested creating new application with valid domain and ip addresess ?

There are currently no issues with the API.

Thanks for the quick reply.- Is it due to exceeding rate limits then ?

What’s the procedure for getting un-blacklisted, assuming that is the reason?

Rate limits are 600 requests in a 5 minute window.
If you exceed the 600 requests in a 5 minute window you will get 429.
If you go higher and exceed the AWS limit,
we ban you manually
your IP address does not match the IPs in your API restricted_ips list you will get 403.

Thanks for the clarification Mark.

To close the loop on this - the problem was nothing to do with the API - for us the issue was with a Laravel specific package we were requiring which was sending a hardcoded api key,

I believe a composer update must have introduced the error for us…

Good for you. thank you for letting us know.