Api.companieshouse.gov.uk vs api.company-information.service.gov.uk

Hi there,

We’ve been using the companieshouse .gov.uk (api.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/) for a little over a year now to good effect. It has become apparent fairly quickly that all of the documentation however points to the api.company-information.service .gov.uk. (api.company-information.service.gov.uk /company/).

Could someone point me towards all of the differences between the 2 endpoints, why they both exists and what their plans for the future are? We’re happy to stick with the existing one we use or move to another one but need to understand which way is advised and the reasons behind it.

Thanks in advance!

There is no difference.
There is only one service, with both addresses resolving to that one service.
The rename was due to the service coming out of Beta status.

Hi Mark

Thats great. What I originally thought was a difference between the 2 APIs is actually a difference between the docs and the API. For example the docs notes that the accounts fields should appear like the following:

    "accounts": {
        "accounting_reference_date": {
            "day": "integer",
            "month": "integer"
        "last_accounts": {
            "made_up_to": "date",
            "type": {}
        "next_due": "date",
        "next_made_up_to": "date",
        "overdue": "boolean"

However the response I receive also includes a next_accounts field, like below. Is the difference just an oversight or is there something more fundamental that Im missing.

  "accounts": {
    "next_made_up_to": "2021-06-30",
    "overdue": false,
    "accounting_reference_date": { "month": "06", "day": "30" },
    "next_due": "2022-03-31",
    "next_accounts": {
      "due_on": "2022-03-31",
      "overdue": false,
      "period_end_on": "2021-06-30",
      "period_start_on": "2020-07-01"
    "last_accounts": {
      "period_start_on": "2019-07-01",
      "period_end_on": "2020-06-30",
      "made_up_to": "2020-06-30",
      "type": "micro-entity"

The actual response is inline with how we need to continue using the API, I just wanted to check that the endpoint wont ever be changing to the style noted in the documentation.

All the best

Is there any update on the above? We’re really just checking that the plan in the future isnt to move towards the shape of the data noted in the docs as we make use of the current data structure heavily.

Thanks in advance