API Data does not equal Status on CHS for 14317366

Hello, I was searching for SLUMBERLAND BEDS LTD on CHS and got the status as:
Active — Active proposal to strike off

However, API returns these values;
“company_name”: “SLUMBERLAND BEDS LTD”,
“company_number”: “14317366”,
“company_status”: “active”,
“confirmation_statement”: {

Filing history suggests the Strike off actions were started in July 2023.
With this being the latest entry;
18 Jul 2023 First Gazette notice for voluntary strike-off

Is the status reply difference expected or is there issue with the data from API?
Any help/comments are appreciated - thank you.

Hi mh,hunt,I am using the endpoint https://api.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/{companyNumber}
and the JSON Reponse below does return the same information as on the CHS. If you scroll down to the bottom of the response, you will notice that there is a property called “company_status_detail” “active-proposal-to-strike-off”, Your API should be fetching this property too and not just the “company_status” property…

Until the company is struck off, its status remains “active” subject to an “active-proposal-to-strike-off”.

I hope this makes sense.

“links”: {
“filing_history”: “/company/14317366/filing-history”,
“self”: “/company/14317366”,
“officers”: “/company/14317366/officers”,
“persons_with_significant_control”: “/company/14317366/persons-with-significant-control”
“accounts”: {
“next_accounts”: {
“period_end_on”: “2023-08-31”,
“overdue”: false,
“due_on”: “2024-05-25”,
“period_start_on”: “2022-08-25”
“next_due”: “2024-05-25”,
“last_accounts”: {
“type”: “null”
“accounting_reference_date”: {
“day”: “31”,
“month”: “08”
“next_made_up_to”: “2023-08-31”,
“overdue”: false
“company_name”: “SLUMBERLAND BEDS LTD”,
“company_number”: “14317366”,
“company_status”: “active”,
“confirmation_statement”: {
“overdue”: false,
“next_made_up_to”: “2023-08-24”,
“next_due”: “2023-09-07”
“date_of_creation”: “2022-08-25”,
“etag”: “6ed01a8f2e24245bd2a0896aad6a6c38337c2a6e”,
“has_charges”: false,
“has_insolvency_history”: false,
“has_super_secure_pscs”: false,
“jurisdiction”: “england-wales”,
“registered_office_address”: {
“country”: “England”,
“locality”: “Batley”,
“postal_code”: “WF17 0JS”,
“address_line_1”: “115 Windsor Road”
“registered_office_is_in_dispute”: false,
“sic_codes”: [
“type”: “ltd”,
“undeliverable_registered_office_address”: false,
“company_status_detail”: “active-proposal-to-strike-off”,
“can_file”: true

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Hello @SmokeAndMirrors - thanks for your reply - that really helps me.
Issue now resolved - I found this on the resources page and will help me with the other optional details;

Many thanks for your help - much appreciated. :+1: