API Data Result reporting a technically false 'date of cessation'

Hello – can you help?

Whilst using both the Data download CSV’s and the API endpoint: GET /company/{companyNumber} there is a material difference in the data supplied in the field : date of cessation

To explain further and using a sample company : 03245251 / Juttla Ltd this company is currently reported as Active on the website

Although on the Filing History there are entries recorded of ‘13/01/2015 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off’ and ‘16/05/2023 Administrative restoration application’

An API request on the company with the above endpoint reports this information;

On this reported API data – the company ceased on 13/01/2015 – which technically is correct but the restoration application returned the status back to Active.

Should the API be reporting a date in the field ‘date of cessation’ when the company currently has a status of Active?

Many thanks for any assistance you can offer with this issue

I have passed your query onto our business analysis team and will update here when I get that information.

Whilst not technically incorrect - the company was dissolved on that date, we are aware it is a confusing value to see against an active company and are planning to not output such a value against active companies in the future.

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Thank you Mark - appreciate your help on this :+1: