API or method for updating director details


I’m new to the CH REST API and so am just doing some research into the capabilities.
I understand there are some filings you can do via the API, documented here: Manipulate Company Data (API Filing): Specification summary

However, none of these seem to meet a specific usecase we have, which is to update director information accross multiple entities - for example, when a dirctor changes address.

Is there an API for this type of activity, or is there some other method for achieving the same (such as a bulk upload).

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As you may have seen from the Companies House documentation entitled

Manipulate Company Data (API Filing) reference” there is currently no API for the type of activity you are looking for.

While the Companies House REST API allows users to request and modify data, the XML Gateway still offers most of the activities that involve data manipulation such as updating officer/director information including change of address, appointment, or resignation.

You will find the current status of all Companies House input XML schemas here Companies House XML Gateway Input - Schema Status

If you require further information about submitting information via the XML Gateway, you can post your question here http://xmlforum.aws.chdev.org/ or email enquiries@companies-house.gov.uk

Good luck

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Thanks @SmokeAndMirrors :pray: - that’s really helpful. It’s a shame the RESTful API is still on the long-term plan but we could work with XML if needed.