API outage last night?


We saw a few 500 and 502 responses from the API last night between 1:49am and 2:34am. Was there an outage or some planned maintenance around that time?

I found a couple of threads asking about a status page, the most recent being in 2019, with the response that there isn’t one; is this still the case and are there any plans to create one?


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No planned maintenance. I will investigate.
…and no, there are still no plans to create a status page.

OK, thanks Mark. It’s not a huge deal for us so please don’t go out of your way - I was just curious about the cause of the errors.

There certainly was something going on. I noticed ‘trickled data’ on the streaming API (companies endpoint) at around the same time, which time usually coincided with peak data - with one payload every minute or so, and this went on for several for hours. I thought I was being rate-limited but clearly not (was getting the usual header responses).

Looks like we had a connectivity issue with some application instances on one or our servers. The application instances were automatically ‘moved’ to another server. This is normally non-service affecting, but it looks like there was a delay in detecting the issue and restarting the application instances.
I will pass this onto the scrum who are due to start a monitoring/reporting review.
Thank you for taking the time to report this.
Apologies for any service issue this may have caused you.

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