API Rating limit


We have built a script as part of our project that will limit itself to make 600 API calls in 5mins slot. It will wait and make the next 600 API call in the next 5mins slot. We tested for around 3000 API calls and it works fine.

Our project require to make around 35k to 50k API calls per week. We want to know if we are allowed to make the calls of this volume as long as we stick to the rating limit. Also could you please suggest if there is any way to increase this rating limit.



Hi Guys,

Any reply will be very helpful or could someone from the support team contact us.



I have a raised a request for this too and waiting on that thread.

Yes, if you stay inside the limits, it will work fine.
You have to question your systems/services if you are querying our API so much that you are at or over these limits.
We have a number of bulk products for this sort of ‘data harvesting’ and a streaming API to consume updates to company data.

Hi Mark,

We would like to look into the bulk products available. Could you please get in touch with us in the following email: jim.hillier@landg.com.



Mark who do we have to speak to about your bulk products?

Our customer care team will contact you shortly.


Sorry to bump an old thread but we find ourselves in a similar situation and would like to find out more about either increasing the rate limit or using one of the bulk products.

Who should we contact?

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Hi Mark - We would like to understand what bulk products are available. Please could you let me know who to contact or alternatively get in touch with me at: sunaina.patel@fscs.org.uk

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Hey everyone!

We’re a company aiming to solve problems like the API rate limit for our users. We ingest Companies House in data in bulk and then will serve it up in the way our users want. e.g. High API usage in a short period of time, webhooks etc

We’re still developing our product so if you are happy to talk to us about your use case, we can consider adding features to better meet those needs.

You can sign up for Beta access over at https://www.helin.dev/ or alternatively, just DM me here.

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Team at Helin