API search by SIC number

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to search the API by SIC number and get a result of all companies that match it?

The only way I believe this can be achieved is through the bulk data, i.e you create your own database from the bulk data and then search that.
The reason is that SIC codes are not unique to a company, and a company can have multiple SIC codes. Saying that, there is a search API which you can try: Companies House Public Data API: Search All (company-information.service.gov.uk)

Thank you for the answer, but using the API you linked requires a search term. That means I can’t pull all data (tried it), and the partial search doesn’t work for me. Currently I’m mining the csv files that are updated once per month but the goal is to search up-to-date data directly from the API.

I know the SIC codes are not a unique identifier and I don’t see an issue with CH adding that feature. As an example, if you use a company name as a search term, you can get a list of companies that matched it. The same principle can be applied for a search using SIC codes.

I’ve seen requests for this option going back 6 years and was hoping that someone figured it out by now.

I did not think the search API would do it either, and as suggested, the bulk data (which you are already using) is the only option.
You can keep the bulk data current by subscribing to the streaming API’s ( Streaming API: Specification summary (company-information.service.gov.uk) for company information and filling history where you’d capture new incorporations and SIC code changes / updates (to update your bulk data csv)
PS: Those two endpoints are the most ‘verbose’, lots of data daily!

You may like to look at what we have by visiting


This is an example of the full dataset that is updated daily

Our subscription modules include a Search by SIC which does just that! Data can be downloaded as a csv or consumed with our REST API.

Just contact admin@statbooks.co.uk for more details and / or set up a custom trial with your specific requirements.