API use for dummies - API key request

How do I get basic company data straight into excel based on the company ids? Sort of “index and match” the data. I only want the info that is already available on the basic search.

In any way, it being done through excel/power query or python, I need an API Key and somehow I can’t get it. I can’t seem to make a decent application because it vanishes right after. Even got to the point where I could request a key, but that also disappears after a few minutes and never returns any unique numbers or anything resembling a key.
As I have 0 experience with any programming language or any use of API, I believe I’m the problem here, but also no idea of what exactly I am doing wrong.

So, is the request for a API key supposed to be reviewed by someone before it is approved for my use? My IP is requested, but what if I want to use that key later from another IP?

I even downloaded Python to try and learn, but apparently this road is longer than expected.

Thanks for your honesty in saying you have no experience in programming languages etc.

If you just want to accomplish a task quickly / save yourself time it may be better to find a different way of doing this:

  • You can download a lot (but not all) of Companies House data in Excel-compatible format via the Bulk data downloads - the free Company Data product may be what you want. There are other datasets for e.g. Accounts.

  • There is also some data in JSON format (e.g. for directors / PSCs) but again you should be able to translate that into spreadsheets.

  • Various companies offer 3rd party data solutions (some sell this service).

I recommend using the “Search” feature on this forum (magnifying glass icon in the top right) - there are existing similar questions with answers on this topic and you should be able to find what you need.

If you did decide to use the API then yes, you will need to register. There are several different APIs - it sounds like you want the Public Data API initially but there is also an API to receive updates as they occur. It’s free but you do indeed need to sign up. After that searching this forum will show you how other people have got data into e.g. Excel.

The Companies House API is not particularly complex. However all remote services (that I have come across) have differences in their approach which mean that even for those who have done this kind of thing before this requires some effort. There is documentation available from Companies House but this forum is a valuable source of information. Again - I recommend searching here.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for your time and thoughtful reply! After a few more tries I finally got the key. I already took this task as a personal challenge, so now I’ll continue reading the instructions and try to learn a bit about python. Once again, thank you!