Appointment_id, and other officer details like DOB

Hi there,

I’m somewhat new to API’s etc (not new to finance).

I have a list that contains companies, and the directors of them (names, DOB, gender, nationality, etc)

I am looking for an API method that I can use to retrieve some of these attributes when they are missing.

Looking at some docs, it appears I will need an ‘officer_id’ to do this. Where is this located? I cannot see it in any CH filed docs. Do I need to perform another API call to retrieve it? If so, do you know which?


The company officers call (GET{company_number}/officers) returns a list of officers associated with that company and most of the details you are looking for (except gender which isn’t recorded and only the month and year for DOB). It also has the appointment_ID, but you probably won’t need it for what you’re doing here.