Authorization - Help (HTTP or OAuth)


I’ve been struggling authorizing my application. I’m looking to make a simple app for searching data on companies house but I’m falling at the first hurdle.

I first attempted authorizing through a REST API key using postman. Using the Basic Authorization option in postman I set my username to my API key. This is an example below

Once this failed and gave me an invalid authorization I tried using OAuth 2.0.

The issue I faced with OAuth 2.0 was the client id not being recognised? The authorization URL I used is:

Any suggestions on how to get either of these working? I just want to be able to access the search I don’t even need the extras granted by OAuth 2.0.

Thank you

If you are just using the Companies House Public Data API you do not need OAuth (and I don’t think it works with the data api, documents api or streaming API - I think it is only used for e.g. the Filing API e.g. if you want to make a filing / update company information).

When you registered did you choose the “live” system?
Have you registered your server IP with Companies House, OR used the workaround for “localhost” use, OR registered a javascript url (I’m not sure which you’d need for your Postman use)?

If not certain about any of these see the following threads (and also the localhost one above):

Good luck

Thanks for the help, I didn’t choose live system when registering and this was the issue! I deleted the application and created a new one as “live” and this worked. Appreciate the help.