Aws s3 server region

Which region/s are your s3 servers in ?

Not an official answer but I’ve only ever seen EU-WEST-1 when downloading documents.

Can be handy if your own application is running on AWS as in the past we’ve been able to download documents even when the Companies House site was down!


Interesting, that’s Ireland. I had assumed London but that’s EU-2. I was looking at s3 accelerated transfer between your s3 buckets and mine but there doesn’t seem to be much in it.

So you are going to be outside the EU (maybe !) and the data inside. Oh er Mrs…

I don’t think London EU-2 existed at the time the API launched and it was just Ireland and Frankfurt as far as Europe was concerned.

We cannot supply that information.
Please be aware that regions or the number of regions could change at any time.

Yes, S3 buckets are region specific.

We specify the region here as to reduce the latency and cost.

But when we create S3 in AWS console in “Global” it says “S3 does not require a region selection” because it shows all the buckets in all the regions as it is the user interface and this is the reason why you can’t create the bucket with same names as it may lead to conflicts between addresses.