Cannot view current live apps or create new ones

Please can someone contact us regarding this issue? We have posted here before and only got peer responses. We have had this account working for over 3 years. Suddenly we cannot see any of our existing apps when we click on View All Applications. We have quite a few. None are listed here. They are live and working. We cannot add any new ones. Each time we try, it completes the process with no errors but it is not listed. We need some assistance please in resolving this issue. Currently this is unusable.

Same thing happened to our account - all applications are still there (as the keys still work), but nothing displays in the interface. We cannot update any applications or keys, and trying to create a new live application doesn’t work as well.

In the end we had to recreate the account.

If any mod is reading this, I’ll be happy to provide more debug information.

Sorry for the delay in responding.
The issue has been reported and initial investigation indicates a bug.
I will keep you informed.

Thanks @MArkWilliams

Do you have a timeline for this? We haven’t been able to set this up for our last few clients. If it is a quick one then we will wait, if not we will have to register a new account (would prefer not to have 2 accounts and get the data back on this one).

sorry, no timeline.
It has just been assigned to a development scrum and an analyst.
The dev cycles are 2 weeks, so that would be the fastest a fix would get to live, but I suspect it will be double that at least.
I will give your details to the scrum as an example in case it can be ‘data fixed’ before a code fix.

Any progress on this? I’ve had the same problem with our new account.

I’m keen to start using this but it would be good to be able to actually start and create a key!

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Hi, I am also having the same issue. Are there any updates?

I have a similar issue with a new account (no application is visible in ‘View all application’, even after ‘Create an application’ ended with a success (“app_name has been created”) message.
Any updates?

This is being investigated.

This has now been resolved. Apologies for the delay.

Hi, I’m getting the same issue now. App has been created but not visible under “View my applications”

This was resolved approx 10:30.
It was checked then and again just a few minutes ago and it is all now functioning correctly.
Please could you sign out and back in and try again?

Hi Mark

It is all working for us now. We can see our existing apps and see when new ones are created. Thanks.

Hi @MArkWilliams ,

I am facing the same issue. Application has been created but not able to see that under ‘View All Applications’.

I have just created a new key and can I can confirm that I can see it under my ‘View All Applications’

I’ve tried to create two applications, and neither of them is visible on the “View All Applications” screen. These were both “test” applications with nothing in the links fields at the bottom of the form.

There’s still obviously a bug. I’m happy to help work with you to resolve this if you’d like. I’m good at breaking things :slight_smile: