CH crashes if you search for an entity that returns zero results

hey, seems if you search for something with zero hits the single nginx worker running this site will crash and it will take a few secs for it to spin up again.

to reproduce, visit here twice:

ah, the joys of re-writing an entire government with a 2010-era Ruby on Rails stack.

I’m assuming this is the most approriate place for this and won’t lead to abuse, but feel free to delete once the issue has been tracked.

No it does not crash our site.
We have been having service issues since yesterday lunch time.
All this morning we have been re-starting and upgrading many parts of the infrastructure. this has been causing 502 errors intermittently.
You were ‘lucky enough’ get 502 codes :slight_smile:

It does. It’s not an intermittent error. I’m just letting you know. Also you need more than a single worker in the pool if you want to avoid it, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Just letting you know. I’m not going to repeat it and cause you more downtown but it 100% causes the issue upon the second request and is not repeatable if search results are returned.