Charges Streaming API - Date Format Change

Hi, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.

It appears that the JSON content we receive from the charges streaming API has changed how the date format from a string to an array. Below is the first instance that has broken for us (This is the unchanged data we get from the API):

{ "resource_kind": "company-charges", "resource_uri": "/company/05390593/charges/_Ddgi7n0fGgoyJ0oLhpxfVySkVw", "resource_id": "_Ddgi7n0fGgoyJ0oLhpxfVySkVw", "data": { "acquired_on": null, "assets_ceased_released": "whole-property-released", "charge_code": "053905930014", "charge_number": 14, "classification": { "description": "A registered charge", "type": "charge-description" }, "covering_instrument_date": null, "created_on": [ 2022, 5, 9 ], "delivered_on": [ 2022, 5, 12 ], "etag": "640fbbc907fae612da42ac464c79f8b3a7883ec9", "id": null, "insolvency_cases": null, "links": { "self": "/company/05390593/charges/_Ddgi7n0fGgoyJ0oLhpxfVySkVw" }, "more_than_four_persons_entitled": null, "particulars": { "chargor_acting_as_bare_trustee": null, "contains_fixed_charge": null, "contains_floating_charge": null, "contains_negative_pledge": true, "description": "27 radcliffe drive, ipswich, IP2 9QZ. SK2074.", "floating_charge_covers_all": null, "type": "brief-description" }, "persons_entitled": [ { "name": "Paragon Bank PLC" } ], "resolved_on": null, "satisfied_on": null, "scottish_alterations": null, "secured_details": null, "status": "outstanding", "transactions": [ { "delivered_on": [ 2022, 5, 12 ], "filing_type": "create-charge-with-deed", "insolvency_case_number": null, "links": { "filing": "/company/05390593/filing-history/MzMzOTEwNjk0NGFkaXF6a2N4", "insolvency_case": null }, "transaction_id": null }, { "delivered_on": [ 2022, 5, 16 ], "filing_type": "charge-whole-release", "insolvency_case_number": null, "links": { "filing": "/company/05390593/filing-history/MzMzOTQwNzE4N2FkaXF6a2N4", "insolvency_case": null }, "transaction_id": null } ] }, "event": { "timepoint": 1638830, "published_at": "2022-11-07T14:40:06.674875Z", "type": "deleted" } }

‘created_on’ and other date fields now use an array which makes it more difficult to serialise into our databases.
Is there something I’m missing to get this back to how it was?

If not, we have had unexpected schema changes in the past, is there a way to be notified of any changes ahead of time to reduce the time delay in updating our endpoints.



I can confirm that we, as a consumer, have had the same issue across a number of endpoints and it has forced us to add preprocessing to reconcile this madness.

Note that it doesn’t seem to be a stable forward change: dates can come as arrays or strings and one needs to support both. Also, dates can come with a timezone, without a timezone or with a zulu timezone.


Sorry about this, we are aware and actively working on a fix.


Some good news, this issue has now been resolved.