Commercial Questions

  1. Can we publicise on our website and in our product that we have CH data available for our clients?
  2. Are there any licencing requirements?
  3. Are there any costs to us or to the 3rd party client?
  4. Can we change any sort of ‘administration fee’ for the data?
  5. Are there any restrictions on the usage of the data?

Might be some useful info for you regarding licensing etc here: Service information

I think your answers are pretty much: yes, no, no, yes, no (that’s just in general, there are API usage limitations and GDPR considerations though) - but probably best wait for an official answer or someone who knows what they’re talking about for that one!

Companies House collects data and makes it publicly available under the Companies Act 2006, as the registrar has a legal obligation to make information available. With the exception of a small category of material which is exempt from statutory disclosure requirements, Companies House is required by law to make the information comprised in documents sent to us, available for public inspection. Information on the public register is made available by virtue of approvals issued by us in accordance with section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and Schedule 1 of the Database Regulations (SI 1997/3032). This means that the database right of the Registrar is not infringed by the extraction or utilisation of the contents of the database (the register). Companies House imposes no rules or requirements on how the information on the public register is used.

Companies House is not responsible for your use of the company data. You are responsible for complying with any applicable data protection, copyright and other legislation and regulations. We would advise you, as we do all our customers, to satisfy yourself that you have met all the necessary legal requirements before you publish any information.
You may wish to read the attached linked document which appears on our website and provides more background information.

I have bolded two aspects of the above answer that are particularly relevant to your questions. Hope that’s helpful

Robert McNeil
Service Owner for Get Company Information
Companies House