Companies House webhooks / rate limits

I hope this is okay to post here but I’ve seen a fair amount of questions on the forum on the topic of rate limits, polling and streaming API. Something we also considered while designing this solution.

We provide AML solutions to mainly UK professional firms and use Companies House for determining PSCs and Officers. As we want to add the monitoring of changing company data, officers and ownership to the software we explored different ways to do so and have created an independent service consumed by the rest of our platform which has now entered beta testing. The service uses a combination of CH REST API, Streaming API and bulk datasets.

You are welcome to access draft swagger documentation here: Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

The service provides access to webhooks for the following (all filtered by company number):

  • Change in company data
  • Change in PSC data
  • Change in Officer (filtered by officer type)
  • Filing events (filtered by event type)

As we are building a replica dataset across Company Data, Officers and PSCs we would be able to offer different rate limits based on legitimate use cases, although the webhook subscriptions will hopefully remove the need for polling which might be the most common reasons for hitting rate limits.

As it is primarily an internal service we consume within our platform, I have no pricing etc to share. It’s in early Beta (but stable and looking good) and we would like to see if there are interest from others and explore use cases. Based on the use cases and volumes we would be happy to discuss costs on a case by case basis.

If you want to join the early Beta, just let me know at and we’d be happy to see if we can facilitate that.