Company Documents Types

I am currently mapping company documents by filling type, does anyone have a list with all possible values for Incorporation and Articles?

This has been asked and answered a number of times.
Please use the search facility before posting questions.

Please I’m Infotunetly have work turnê around this therms circle’s ,
Whiteout my questions resolved ,
Please if someone’s here can help white this situation I will appreciate allot.
I. From this platform I can assess my Tax return, ?
II. Frome that platform I can start evaluate possibilities morgate contract, ?

I am sorry but I do not understand your question or query.
You would need to contact HMRC for any tax related issues, not us (Companies House)
We do hold details of charges against companies.
This Forum is for queries relating to our API services.
We have a web based service that you can see all the information that is available from our REST API.
If you have any other questions you can email