Company Insolvency API


We are getting the following response when we search company - 12650147 and 12951105 - on the company insolvency API

“timestamp”: “2023-03-08T13:06:44.69807”,
“message”: “Exception occurred while processing the API request with Correlation ID: pWGqHoyQrYkkzRTGpYxNfQZRl4i_”

Can anyone advise why this is the case?

many thanks :slight_smile:

See this thread: Insolvency API issue companies house - #12 by MArkWilliams

Thanks Liam

We however are receiving a 404 not found response, is this related or something different?

Is your request against a business with insolvency proceedings against it? If its not you will get a 404 error. Try with company number 09839960