I have a question about possible responses from the API.

I was calling the API for a number of company numbers i had for a historical data project I was working on. When trying to get the company information for

the response is:

"errors": [
        "error": "company-profile-not-found",
        "type": "ch:service"


I had never seen this response before in the dataset so out of curiosity I tried the numbers that we above or below my target number to see if there was a problem with this whole block of data, however both 07620552 and 07620554 returns a valid response (active or dissolved)


I was wondering what would cause this error. Can a company be removed from the registry without a dissolved entry being left in its place. I know companies are removed after 20 years but the company numbers in question cover companies from 2012 so it should still be on the register.

More importantly for my use case:

  1. What does it mean when i get a “company-profile-not-found” response, did a company with this CRN exist and was struck off?
  2. Is there any other place where I can find data about it?
  3. When would a company number return a “company-profile-not-found” instead of a dissolved response

Unfortunately I don’t have any answers for these but my best guess would be that it was dissolved pretty swiftly. The companies in the numbers immediately before and after this one were incorporated on:
… so it might be that if this one was rapidly dissolved it has indeed been removed. (For example - 07620554 is presumably still in the data since this was only dissolved on 23/10/2012)

I recall some debate about this - back when it was announced that Companies House would remove companies from the record which were dissolved more than 6 years ago. I believe this has now been undone but it’s possible there are ones that were missed when they did this?

Note about the removal:

Note about the restoration:

Anyway, when stuck with the API I generally check the following - however for this company none have any data so I’m not sure where you would find it:

Good luck.