Company Registered Email Address & API Call


I am writing an application to get company details and the registered email address of the company and I am struggling which API will give me registered email address. Also say I search for Software as a key work and get 5000 results but when i want to view all results after iterating through the API calls it fails after giving me 300 results.

This is the API I am using: /search?q=Software&items_per_page=100&start_index=0

so after getting 100 results I start the search again with start_index of 100, 200,300 and then it fails

API I use and the error I get is:


Error: 416 Request Range Not Satisfiable

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please advise on both things.

  1. How to get registered email of a company, which API to use and also How to get all search results found.

Also I am using URL to get results and when I use the URL I get different results and also the response is not in JSON. Are there different set of API’s for this site or am i missing something

Please let me know if you require any further information


There is no registered email address of a company.
Companies House do not collect or hold that data against a company.

The page limit you have experienced is a limit we have set on the service, more details here:-

Our search functionality is designed for customers who are looking for a specific company, not for paging through multiple pages of ‘close’ matches.
There maybe other products that are more suitable for your ‘matching’ requirements, for example our bulk product at:-

Hope this helps.