Consuming multiple streaming APIs at once

I have a single application set up with an API key. When I use this key to set up to two APIs e.g. and I stop getting 200 response code at which point my code backs off.

Is this expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong on my side?

Should I be creating an application per API to avoid this?

Solved the problem now. Posting so it can help others.

I thought I was getting rate limited so did a timing exercise.

import time
import requests

all_urls = [

all_resps = []
start_time = time.time()

for url in all_urls:
  headers = {'Authorization': API_key}
  resp = requests.get(url, headers=headers, stream=True)
  print("Time since start: ", time.time() - start_time)

This was the output:

Time since start:  1.6528594493865967
Time since start:  24.2913715839386
Time since start:  55.80907225608826
Time since start:  87.31857132911682
Time since start:  87.40170788764954
Time since start:  87.46614027023315

So it takes a ~25 seconds to establish connections to the first 4 streams. Then the last three take no time.

Checking the response codes shows the problem:

for resp in all_resps:


Total facepalm moment. Having a read on the forum, these appear not to have been completed.

While I totally get that developing a stream takes time. Deleting documentation doesn’t really require much effort and there shouldn’t be documentation up for streams that just don’t work right now.

Just to let you know that officers and persons-with-significant-control has just gone live.
There has also been an update to the documentation Streaming API: Specification summary

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That’s really amazing. I’ve tried it now and it’s working great.