Could officer searches take a name and a month and year of birth?

The Q param is fairly useful but we could exclude a lot of false positives if we could add these additional parameters.

Many thanks, Tom

An API with name, month and year of birth returning matches would be extremely useful … is there a planned timescale for delivering this API?


We are still in need of this feature to narrow our searches for subjects, especially for names that yield a lot of matches.

Please could you confirm if there are any plans to extend the officer search endpoint to allow birth month and year filtering?

Many thanks, Tom

Hi Tom,

It is something that has been discussed but unfortunately is not in our immediate plans. We can see the potential usefulness of it though and I will talk to the team about possible approaches - eg whether to extend the current search facility where you can already add location details or whether we’d be better off extending our new Advanced Search service to cover officers (something some customers have already enquired about).

As I say though, to manage expectation, we have a pretty full schedule for the next year so unless we can spot a quick win, it is unlikely to be progressed before then.

Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear but thank you for the suggestion and we will continue to monitor customer feedback and feed that in to our prioritisation discussions.

If anything comes from my discussions with the team, I will post an update here.



Robert McNeil
Service Owner for Get Company Information
Companies House