Darshan Hiranandani : API Call Results in 502 Bad Gateway Error, Need Assistance

Hello, I’m Darshan Hiranandani, I’m facing a 502 Bad Gateway error with an API call. What could be causing this, and how can I resolve it? Any advice would be appreciated!

Darshan Hiranandani

502 could occur for a number of reasons, and may having nothing to do with Companies House.

You may want to check your the network connection (e.g. access to other sites / IPs, route to remote server etc.) Have you tried searching this forum?

If you are stuck and think it’s something to do with Companies House you may want to post a bit more information e.g. exactly which endpoint are you calling (the entire URL / all parameters). Are you using a test or live CH application (use a live one!) Are you calling from a client environment e.g. javascript or a server or other environment like docker container etc, are you using a proxy server etc. Don’t post any secure credentials e.g. your API key though!