Data Coverage at Companies House Services, API and Webcheck

Can somebody explain here as to what is the difference when it comes to the coverage of data as far as API, Companies House Services Portal and Companies House Webcheck are concerned?

Can you clarify what you mean by coverage of data please?

As in what is the difference in terms of data points. Illustratively, let’s say Companies House Services offer X data points, but API offers Y data points with (X less than Y). If there is no difference in number of data points being captured then why all three exist. Even if API is to be excluded, why does WebCheck exist if there is already Companies House Services Portal?

Essentially there should be no difference in the data returned, or the number of data points for ‘Live’ companies. There will be a difference in data returned for ‘Dissolved’ companies over 6 years as these are available on WebCheck but not on the Beta site or the API.

In terms of why all three exist - the Beta site and API are the new services that will ultimately replace the legacy services that have existed for a number of years, WebCheck being one of these services.

Thanks a lot, Steve for clarifying this.