Data shows liquidation and insolvency history, but no evidence of this

Company No: 00917094
The main data packet for this company includes the following 2 items:
“has_been_liquidated”: true,
“has_insolvency_history”: true,
Also the online pages include an “Insolvency” tab which does not always appear, but there is no data available there and nothing returned from the API:
{“etag”: “d56c9aaf4ea30b9e7bd1f86e50fe62cf3de1c837”,“cases”: [],“status”: []}
The company is active and we have not been able to find any evidence of liquidation or insolvency, so do not know what we should report for this company.
Could somebody look into the source of the 2 “true” flags in the main data please.

This does not seem correct.
I will get this investigated.

I have had confirmed that this is incorrect.
There is no insolvency history for this company and that
“has_been_liquidated”: true,
“has_insolvency_history”: true
are both incorrect.
I will get that data corrected ASAP.
Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

That has now been corrected.

Thanks Mark, we’ll rerun our report now
Appreciate your help

If you do find any more please contact me as we could not find out how this had become broken. Hopefully this is a one-off.