December 2022 Accounts IXBRL Bulk Data file link is broken

The bulk IXBRL data file for December 2022 accounts found on Free Accounts Data Product seems to be broken (shows 0 bytes).

The rest of the 2022 files seem OK. I believe that this is an unsupported product but I’m hoping that as this is not an actual support request but rather a request to upload the correct file, it could be fixed.

I use the bulk data to convert IXBRL to JSON data and unfortunately this rather recent corrupt file has added quite a bit of a gap in the data.


That is obviously not correct. End of year files have been very large and I suspect some manual intervention will be required. I will get that looked at as soon as possible.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know.


Thanks for picking this up so quickly Mark

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@MArkWilliams I’m afraid the January 2022 and February 2022 files are not available on the main downloas page ( Companies House) or on the archives page Companies House) either.
So essentially Dec22,Jan22 and Feb 22 accounts file are not available for download at the moment

Ah, they automatically ‘fall off’ the yearly list, but they have to be manually added to the archive page. I will also get that sorted ASAP.

All files should now be available. Thank you for your patience.

@MArkWilliams thanks but I can only see Dec2022 zip file, Jan22 and Feb22 aren’t available on the main downloads page ( or on archives page)

Actually, while the links for Jan and Feb 2022 aren’t there, I was able to copy an existing link and change the file name to the correct month format and it downloaded the file, i.e. for Jan 2022 I tried and it worked. Thank you

All 2022 files are available on Companies House (you may need to refresh the page, I finished it late yesterday)

Only 12 months worth of files are ever on Companies House