Director (officer) search issue

Hi ,

Is there any option to search Officer by using company name?

I know that API already have option to search Officer by company number but i want different way like if some one search company name and get the list of company information + officer information.

So please let me know is there any option so we can filter officer by their option like Advance company search.

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You can use the company search to get the company you’re looking for and then send another request to the API to get all the officers associated with that company.

See Find directors as an example of this (open source so you can see how its done).

  1. send request to alphabetical company search
  2. send request for company that you’re interested in to get officers

As far as I know thats the best way of doing it, I don’t think its possible to search by company name and get back a list of officers without making that second request.