Documents - categories and descriptions

For documents filled, where can one get all possible values for the “category” field? (Companies House Public Data API: filingHistoryList).

Also, how does each “category” map to the description field"? As far as we understand, each category will have different descriptions associated with it. (

Categories given in the Filing History List resource documentation.

The unofficial CH Guide by @ebrian101 has some helpful information here, I’d actually start there.

I’m not aware of a map of description codes to categories (will check to see if I have one) - probably the quickest thing is just to make a few tests e.g. identify companies with filings of the type you’re interested in, retrieve the data and check!

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Yes - possible categories are given, but not the full extent (as noted in the unofficial CH guide - e.g. persons-with-significant-control and confirmation-statement).

Is there any other source that you would recommend?