Dormant company?

What is the relationship between accounts category Dormant, and SIC 99999 - Dormant Company?
Seems like a company can be either or both.
A company registered with SIC 99999 can file accounts that are not for a dormant company, and a company with accounts category Dormant, can have a trading SIC code.

There are also some discrepencies: for example 12812191 NGXSOLUTIONS LTD shows up on search as Active but the entry says status - Dissolved. Same with 00097718 BRADLEY ROAD LIMITED


While SIC codes are required on incorporation, they don’t really have any weight or legal standing with regards to defining a company and are more for statistics. They’re not validated and there are no penalties if they are incorrect. In fact as they tend to be updated with confirmation statements, so will often be out of date (assuming the company in question gets around to changing them at all). With regards to the status of a company they can safely be ignored if they’re in conflict with any kind of statuatory information.


Not sure where you are searching but I have just done a search on both webcheck and CHS and they both show up as dissolved. Also the JSON response for both companies shows their status as dissolved. Am I missing something?


Here is the JSON response for 12812191 NGXSOLUTIONS LTD. It cearly shows the following:details:

"company_status": “dissolved”,
"date_of_cessation": “2022-09-27”.

“links”: {
“filing_history”: “/company/12812191/filing-history”,
“self”: “/company/12812191”,
“persons_with_significant_control”: “/company/12812191/persons-with-significant-control”,
“officers”: “/company/12812191/officers”
“accounts”: {
“accounting_reference_date”: {
“day”: “31”,
“month”: “08”
“last_accounts”: {
“type”: “dormant”,
“made_up_to”: “2021-08-31”,
“period_end_on”: “2021-08-31”
“company_name”: “NGXSOLUTIONS LTD”,
“company_number”: “12812191”,
“company_status”: “dissolved”,
“date_of_creation”: “2020-08-13”,
“etag”: “a63b2806d3f91ebf6d1f6afd2fc17fbe8709f139”,
“has_charges”: false,
“has_insolvency_history”: false,
“jurisdiction”: “england-wales”,
“registered_office_address”: {
“locality”: “High Wycombe”,
“address_line_2”: “High Wycombe”,
“country”: “United Kingdom”,
“postal_code”: “HP13 6BT”,
“address_line_1”: “34 Chippendale Close”,
“region”: “Buckinghamshire”
“registered_office_is_in_dispute”: false,
“sic_codes”: [
“type”: “ltd”,
“undeliverable_registered_office_address”: false,
“has_super_secure_pscs”: false,
“date_of_cessation”: “2022-09-27”,
“can_file”: false

Yes. Agreed, Searching for the company brings up Dissolved.
But it comes up in the Advanced Company Search.

Nature of Business - 99999; Company Status - Active.
It’s the 2nd result in the list. Shows Active there, but Dissolved on opening the record.
The first result is also shown as Active, but is actually Dissolved.
Most of the others in the results list are also wrong. They are either Dissolved, or accounts overdue (but still Active).

Thank you for clarifying your query and for providing the Advanced Company Search link. I have checked several companies on the list and clearly, the advanced company search does generate incorrect results. This is very worrying given that WebCHeck is closing on 30 November 2023.

Hopefully someone from Companies House will sort this out soon. It is not clear whether it is the advanced search url that is returning incorrect results or the CHS website itself. I am in the process of testing the advanced search endpoint.

I have completed my investigation and can confirm that it is the advanced search endpoint that is returning the incorrect results.

The JSON response returns 20 companies per page and the results are correct up to page 15. From page 16 onwards, it has categorised some companies which are dissolved as “active”. I have attached a screenshot of page 16 from which you will see that a company whose reg. no is 12763905 (DAVID STIRLING INSTALLATIONS LIMITED) is listed as active but is showing up as dissolved on 13/09/2022 on WebCheck

Dissolved 13.09.2022(2)

Thank you for taking the time to report this and providing such quality data/evidence.
We are investigating and can confirm there is an issue with company statuses in the advanced search (and alphabetic).