Fatal - No Supplementary data for Name Authorisation


I receive the following response when incorporating a new company:
No Supplementary data for Name Authorisation

Receiving “fatal” status responses previously required me having to ask for more information. Is there any more information to elaborate on the above?

I’m guessing the company name may need some extra authorisation?

Any help appreciated.

This is an XML Gateway question, rather than an API question. They have their own forum here: http://xmlforum.aws.chdev.org/

That said… I think a “fatal” error indicates an envelope/xml/validation type error which, in this case would be that your xml has:


In it and as such the gateway is expecting the relevant documentation to be attatched as:


And the fact that it’s not there is generating the error.

If it has been manually rejected because it needs some kind of authorisation for the name you should be able to find out what is needed by looking on these lists:

Thanks Ash,

My mistake regarding the forum, apologies. Thanks for your help, this was really useful.

Thanks agin.


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No prob, happy to help! I just went and checked some of our old rejections and am pretty sure if it was the manual thing it wouldn’t be a “fatal” error and the rejection reason would be a lot more comprehensive with regard to what was needed for authorisation.

An example:

The use of ‘Licensing’ in your proposed name implies a connection with a body that protects intellectual property rights or carries out licensing functions under the Licensing Act 2003, such as the licensing of alcohol sales, entertainment or clubs.