Filter curent appointments

The Web interface has a “Current appointments” filter: Sarah PARKINS personal appointments - Find and update company information - GOV.UK

Firstly, it’s not entirely clear how this works because it seems to also discard companies that are dissolved (based on company status) but I assumed it would only discard it based on “resignedOn”.

So it would be good to know how this logic is expected to work.

Second, is there a way to perform this filtering from the API?

Good News: “The web site does offer a filter but we have not made this available through the API but plan todo so soon. Will post on the forum when that functionality is released.”

Bad News: That reply is from 2016 and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened yet!

With regards to logic, this is what it appears to be to me:

Company Active/Officer Not Resigned: Active Tag, Show in filter
Company Active/Officer Resigned: Resigned Tag, Don’t show in filter
Company Dissolved/Officer Not Resigned: No Tag, Don’t show in filter
Company Dissolved/Officer Resigned: Resigned Tag Don’t show in filter

Ultimately this logic is up to you though. When we report on dissolved companies we include un-resigned officers in the default officer list because that’s what our users want, but we don’t refer to them as “current officers”.

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