Free Company Data Product - No Files

I normally download the 6 csv files from Companies House on a monthly basis but there doesn’t seem to be any files available for September 2022. The Free Company Data Product is a downloadable data snapshot containing basic company data of live companies on the register. This snapshot is provided as ZIP files containing data in CSV format.

Can anyone explain what’s happening and if the service is still going as I cannot find any information about it. I have phones CH but no one can help and currently waiting on a response to an email but that could take days/weeks.

Sorry about this.
We have had an issue producing the files. We need to rebuild them and they will hopefully be back in a few days.

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Hi Mark, appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, thanks

The files are now available, sorry for the delay.

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Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it.

Just out of curiosity is there anything you can do about the formatting of fields. It looks like four fields on the Part 7 is always formatted as a character and not a date format. The other spreadsheets are fine it just that last one. It’s been like this for a bit and makes our program fall over so we have to modify it.The fields are: PreviousName_07.CONDATE, PreviousName_08.CONDATE, PreviousName_09.CONDATE, PreviousName_10.CONDATE

That okay? I hope you are having a good day!!