Generating an API Key


I need to get an API key for us to use within Thomson Reuters Contract Express software, and Companies House have advised me to come and post on here.

Adding the correct key to the Contract Express API will allow us to directly query Companies House data to populate our questionnaires.

How do I go about obtaining the correct key in order to do this?

Looking at the Contracts Express documentation it references which I think is the JSON API Developer Hub, rather than which appears to be the XML gateway. Can anyone please assist on the correct way to obtain a working key for this situation?

Thank you in advance

go to , ensure you are logged in.
click on the ‘create an application’ on the left hand menu, give it a name and description, select live, click create.
It then takes you back to ‘application overview’ screen, find and select the application you just created.
that takes you to the application details, click on ‘Create new key’.
takes you to the ‘new API client key’ page.
Give it a name and description, select ‘REST’ for the type, click ‘create’
Takes you to the ‘application details’ page, scroll down to ‘Keys for this application’ and there is your key.
It even has a convenient ‘copy’ link.

Hi Mark

Thank you for your reply. I had followed those steps previously but the key format looked different to one we have received in the past that worked so I wasn’t sure if I had generated the correct key type.

I will try the new key in our environment.

Thank you for your help.