Getting Company Sub-type Information

Hello, we have been trying to obtain information of companies with the subtype ‘private-fund-limited-partnership’, however there doesn’t seem to be a good way to obtain this information apart from running through the list of companies in Companies House and getting each of its subtype. This would mean that we would definitely be exceeding the API rate limit of 600 requests in 5 minutes with the immense number of companies in the database.

Is there any easier way for us to obtain such information? Otherwise, are we able to increase our API rate limit then?

It would be great if that could be included in the monthly snapshot.

Thank you.

PFLP are not quite as rare as hen’s teeth; we have 1,361 so identified and can provide a list for a quite modest fee if that would be useful. Contact identifies them when registered on a daily basis

May I please have an update on this question?

I am not sure if this helps , but PFLPs (private-fund-limited-partnerships’) are a type of Limited Partnership.

Yes, we have been using the ‘Limited Partnership’ to limit our search but there is still too many limited partnership to look through to find out which ones are PFLP and hence why we would like to expand our API rate limit. Is there a better way to find out which entities are PFLP?