How to get equivalent of Basic company data as one file

Hello All!

I’m new to APIs and was trying to figure out how to get the Company data as one file through the API.

As shown here: Companies House

I have not yet been successful. Can you help?
Thank you!

You cannot get the bulk data file though the API.

Thanks, @MArkWilliams!

@MArkWilliams Another question - If there is no way to download the company data as one file through the API, is there a way for me to determine the file name using the api?
An endpoint that would return the url or filename?
example: Returns the latest file is:

The API knows nothing of the bulkdata products, they are not linked or related.
There is no API for the bulk product.
However, it would not be difficult to ‘work out’ the name of the data file on Companies House, as it is produced on the 1st of every month and should be available from 07:30hrs onwards.
You could always ‘read’ that page and ‘look’ through the html of course, in case the filename or format of it changes in the future.
Hope this answers ALL of your questions.

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