How To get results from all pages after an API call filtered on a string?


So basically I’m trying to get the all results from the following endpoint :“a”&items_per_page=200

It seems that the maximum items_per_page is set at 100, ok fine.

But in the API response the total results for that request is 668052 and from my request based on the items_per_page limitation to 100 I’m not able to retrieve all 668052 results.
And it displays only some resutls or page_number=1 .

Is there a way to get all those results? maybe by playing with the start_index? In that case how should it work to be sure to get alll the expected results?

Because from what I see right now as per my API call I can get only 100 results, for which I don’t know if they are the first ones, or sorted in another way.

thanks for the help,


The API is not intended for this type of use.
Please download our free bulk product Companies House

Thanks for the prompt response.

So what’s the purpose of using the API if we can’t get bulk data ? Is that only for very specific company search ?

The purpose of our API is not for bulk data. The purpose of our bulk data products IS bulk data.
We have MANY bulk data products available, most are free.
If you would like someone to contact you about these and your business requirements please ask.
We also have the Streaming API service if that would be of interest

Okay understood.
Can you give me the link that explains how To use the bulk data products you’re talking about please ?

Yes I would be interested to get in touch with someone from your team about that.

Here are a few :-1
I will arrange for someone to contact you regarding other bulk products.

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Hey @MArkWilliams! Even I’m looking for bulk data. Could someone from the team can get in touch with me to discuss about the same?!
Thanks in advance!