How To Pull Companies Details Using Company Name


I am new for API, I have list of Company names I need Reg. No, Reg. Address,Company Name/Address changed If Any and so on

I have Created Account and generate API Key for streaming and
I am trying using python but giving 401 error also URL not opening
{“error”:“Empty Authorization header”,“type”:“ch:service”}
even I am trying in Postman

Which Step I am Missing ? or What is the best way to pull companies details ?


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Welcome - you will find answers to your questions in both the Companies House documentation and on this forum.

It sounds like you need the Public Data API (to look up company details) rather than the streaming API (to be notified of particular types of filing made by all companies as they occur). For more information see the Companies House overview documentation for all their APIs. The Streaming API has its own overview).

For authorization Companies House also have documentation.

For answers on how to authorize via both Postman and Python there are many forum posts - examples:

I recommend the forum search tool - the magnifying glass icon at the top right allows you to search topics / posts on this forum.

Good luck.