How to update Address using API


I am new to companies house APIs. I want to test “GET Address” API.
For that I created a dummy application for me. But while trying to run the API, it is asking for a transaction ID. Where do I create/get a transaction ID?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Are you using the Manipulate Company Data (API Filing) reference API? I have not used this API myself but I believe that in that case you would first create a transaction (for adding a filing / update) using the create endpoint. This returns a resource which includes an ID for that transaction - which seems to be the transaction id you are looking for.

However… I wonder what task you want to achieve? Do you want to file information (update or add details) on behalf of a company? In that case the “Manipulate Company Data (API Filing) reference” seems the right one.

OR - are you wanting to find information on any of the companies which are already registered - and not make filings or update data for a company? In that case you would use a completely different API - for example the Companies House public data API. A note if you do try that API: it uses a different method of authorization from the other API e.g. the public data API uses a different “username and password” and uses http basic, not OAuth2.

Thank you Voracityemail for your response.
My requirement is , I want to update data on behalf of a company and I am trying to use [Manipulate Company Data (API Filing) but when I am trying to create a transaction it is giving me “Bad Request” Error.

Unfortunately I can’t help further as I don’t use that API. I would suggest:

  • working through the overview documentation for this API to see if there is something specific that is missing in your request or a constraint on the data that is not being met.

  • searching the forum (magnifying glass at top right) to see if anyone else has reported issues. I think there have been some posted saying that using the test / sandbox environment has caused them difficulties. It may be that there is an issue with Companies House systems or that the documentation is not up to date! It is also worth searching for any posts on the create endpoint.

  • if you are stuck try posting as much information as you can from your specific request (e.g. the values you are sending) and the response(s) from Companies House. Be careful - do not post any passwords / usernames e.g. your client id / client secret / code / access_token / refresh_token or any bearer tokens. I use curl for this as it’s easy to see the data sent and responses - and then I edit the output to ensure I’m not sharing any usernames and passwords.

Good luck.