HSBC : Production : Frequent and Intermittent 5XX Internal Server Error from companieshouse API while company search

Hi There,

I am Anurag Kadam from HSBC Software Development India.
We are using companieshouse API for collecting the information of the companies of the prospect customers of the Bank.
We are experiencing very frequent issues from companieshouse API where we get 500 Internal Server Error in response.
These issues generally occurs when user is trying to search for company, multiple calls are made to companieshouse API and we get a the list of companies. However upon trying to get the details of one of the companies selected form the list in previous response, we get some network error causing the call to fail with 500 Internal Server Error at our side.

Anurag Kadam.
HSBC Software Development India Pvt. Ltd.

Do we have any update on this?

We moved our service from to on Saturday 3rd Oct 2020.
We expect the number of 500 type errors to decrease.