Html markup in JSON responses

I did a search for company STL GROUP. And in the json results i get html markup (<STRONG>) in the name and title. There shouldn’t be any type of UI markup in any of the JSON responses. Example:

request: GET /search/companies?q=stl+group HTTP/1.1

part of the response:
"name": "<strong>STL</strong> <strong>GROUP</strong> PLC",
 "title": "01171409: <strong>STL</strong> <strong>GROUP</strong> PLC: active"

The search response is currently undergoing a redesign. It will be much simpler, and support multi-language descriptions, and avoid forcing html markup into text. We’re just finalising the details, and will post back with more soon!

I just want to add my voice here: the HTML in responses is really annoying (I’m using the Beta API). Is there a roadmap for API development, or, some estimate of delivery for fixing this?

Is there any update on this issue?
How can we get json formatted output from companieshouse API?
What will be the link for this?
I am making it in Java ,
And when I go with link “”;

I get error and when I use link “”,

i am getting result but as html page,.
i want result in json format.

any help will be definitely appreciated.

The search API has been modified to remove the HTML markup from the JSON response. In terms of how to use the API then this is explained in our documentation, link as follows: -

Specifically the endpoint you reference should be (NB its a ? rather then the / before the q=)

The beta… URL is our web site which returns data as HTML only.

If there are any further questions then please let us know.



@kashif_saleem You’re probably making the same errors as @awais_techloyce123 ?

Have a read of the following post, which should help:


Just to update everyone, a little while back we removed all the HTML escaping (be it mark-up or mark-down) in the search results.

Apologies for forgetting to update this topic…

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Great news, thanks for letting us know